Legends of cobalt

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Blessed Light

Percy bashed the side of Nellie’s head with Bucephals’s war hammer. Light flashed from the impact and Nellie tumbled across the floor. Percy turned and walked toward her.

“You are supposed to be extinct!” Nellie lunged toward Percy.

Percy blocked Nellie’s claws with his sword. He twisted the war hammer in his hand and drove the spike into Nellie’s ribs. Light flashed again. Nellie screamed and pushed Damian away. She tried to fly away. Percy slashed his sword across Nellie’s back and black blood splashed the stone floor.

“Wy, where are you?” Phebes cried, “Wy?”

“I am here.” I pulled myself across the floor with my good arm.

“What’s that light I keep seeing?”

“It is Percy. He is fighting Nellie.”

The giant wolf whimpered and crawled toward Fredrick.

Percy flapped his magic eagle wings and flew into the air. He flew after Nellie and cut her off. Percy threw all of his weight behind a double strike. Nellie fell back to the ground, her bloody and bruised body smashed several benches. Percy flew toward her like a hawk. He pinned the little girl’s body to the ground with his sword.

Phebes coughed up blood. “Is he winning?”

“He is for now.”

“That’s good.” A bubble of blood popped from her lips. “At least someone will live.”

I tried to crawl faster. “We will all survive this.”

The vibrating snap of breaking metal echoed off the walls and roof. The dyed glass windows shattered and swarms of bats flew in. The bats flew in a tornado around Percy. He swung the war hammer and the bodies of dead bats littered the floor. The bats flew away from Percy and out the broken windows.

“Where did those bats come from?” Phebes coughed.

I closed my fingers around her hand. Percy landed opposite me. He fell to his knees and closed his wings around us. Percy cradled Phebes’s head like a child and rested his other hand on the wound in her stomach.

“Hey,” Phebes whispered. “The wings are cool. When did you get those?”

Light flowed from Percy’s hand. Phebes’s breath grew more steady and came easy. Without warning, Phebes rolled onto her hands and knees. Blood filled vomit sprayed the floor from her lips. Percy ran his fingers through Phebes’s hair and held it away from her face.

Icy, necrotic pain shot through my arm and I winced with the pain. Percy closed a hand around the wound in my arm. Light flowed from his hand again. A calm warmth washed over me like a hot spring bath in winter and pushed the creeping cold of death from my body. Percy let go of my arm and I rubbed the healed skin where Nellie had slashed it.

“Go help Bucephalus.” Percy rubbed Phebes’s back as she spat more blood onto the floor.

I shifted back to my knees and stood up. “The dragonman is in poor shape. I do not know if he will survive.”

“Go ahead, I’ll be…” Phebes vomited again.

“I’ll see what I can do.”


I inched towards the unconscious body of Fredrick. A bear-sized wolf sat by the dragonman’s head. A low growl emanated from its throat. I kept my hands in front of me and knelt beside Fredrick. I extended my hand to a slash wound in his clavicle. The wolf flashed its teeth and barked, but let me proceed. Radiant light flowed through me and into Fredrick’s scaly flesh. After a brief eternity, Frederick’s chest expanded with air. His eyes fluttered open and he jolted up missing my head by a hair’s breadth.


  “Easy, everything will be alright. We’ll find her “ I put my hand on his chest and lowered him back down.

The wolf licked Fredrick’s cheek. He met my gaze and Fredrick’s eyes rolled back. The wolf stood opposite me and licked my face from chin to eyebrows. It laid back down and rested its head on Fredrick’s chest. 

I rocked back onto my feet and looked around the ransacked sanctuary. Phebes continued to heave and vomit blood. Wyanet’s stout figure supported Bucephalus’s hulking frame. Jacquelin rocked back and forth in a ball towards the altar. The young woman from the island comforted Jacquelin. The woman smiled at me, nodded, then vanished. The radiant wings on my back faded and I felt colder after they vanished.

“Where’d the blood-sucking bitch go?” Bucephalus limped toward me with Wyanet’s help.

I helped Phebes back to her feet. “I don’t know.”

“I bet she ran away when all those bats got here.” Phebes clapped a hand to her mouth, her eyes opened wider. 

“It doesn’t matter. We need to find Olivia and get out of here. It’s going to be a long walk to anywhere safe we can rest.”

“She is here.” Wyanet glanced back at the wolf. “ Can you heal another person the way you did for Phebes and Fredrick?”

“I don’t think so. I used all of my power on the three of you.”

Phebes pushed me away and vomited again. “By the Wildmother, the Winter Maiden and the Dawnfather, when will this stop?” Another torrent of red vomit shot from her mouth.

“I can still do something.” Bucephalus pushed Wyanet away. “Where is she?”

Wyanet pointed to the giant wolf guarding Fredrick.

“We came here to hunt down a pack of lycanthropes, and here I am working with one,” Bucephalus chuckled.

The wolf bared its fangs at Bucephalus then batted its snout with its paw. The wolf whined and twisted. Its fur fell away and its snout retracted. The wolf’s paws grew into hands and feet. Thirty seconds of crying and contorting metamorphosis transformed the wolf into Olivia. She sat naked on the floor, her body covered in pink slash marks.

“That won’t be necessary, Father.” Olivia covered her chest with one arm and lifted Fredrick’s head into her lap with the other. “My wounds heal faster than most. Although, if you wouldn’t mind, could someone please find me something to cover up with?” 

I unclipped my cloak and draped it around Olivia’s shoulders. A sharp, shrill, tin whistle blasted into the vestibule of the sanctuary accompanied by the sound of splintering wood. A chorus of matching whistles accompanied the first in the damp night air throughout the city.

“Took them long enough.” Olivia struggled to her feet and held the cloak closed.

I offered my arm to help hold Olivia up. “Who’s here?”

“Before my wolf took control, I managed to get a message sent to the constable general for help.”

Dozens of men and women wielding short clubs and daggers flooded into the sanctuary through the doors and broken wall. A woman with iron-black skin and vibrant eyes pushed through to the front of the constables. A heavy stone club and a sabre hung from her belt. Epauletts dangled from the woman’s shoulders. 

“What happened here?” The constable general’s voice sounded more like tumbling rocks than human speech.

“We found a cult, and came to break it up and got beat up instead.” I pointed at Olivia with my thumb. “If you don’t believe me, ask her.”

“Constable General,” Olivia smirked. The Constable General and the surrounding constables snapped to attention. “My associates and I need a ride back to my manor.”

The story will continue, June 11th,  2020.

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Written by: Sweeney (@oceansoul316 on twitter)



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