2020 Release schedule

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Legends of Cobalt will return next week on Thursday, January the 2nd at noon EST. The story will pick up right where it left off in November on the streets of Vercingetorix.

Moving forward, Legends of Cobalt will have a new schedule for release. It will still come out every Thursday at noon (EST) but instead of getting nine chapters in a row, four chapters will come out, followed by a two week break, then five more chapters followed by a four week break. Also, in the middle of the four week breaks, there will be a short lore post. This way, you’re never more than two weeks from a new Legends of Cobalt post.

This is the model we will be publishing in for the foreseeable, baring the occasional break for significant holidays.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday, whichever you celebrate, and I’ll see you all in the new year. Thanks for reading!



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This is also a great time of year to tell your friends about Legends of Cobalt so they have time to read from the beginning to catch up.


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