World of Cobalt

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The Origins of Humanity:

(Excerpted from the personal journal of Pog Quillsharpener)

The beginning of humanity on Cobalt is a near-total mystery. There isn’t a single story about where humans came from, but many. which makes my job of researching them an infuriating task. In the current stage of my research, I have discovered at least four myths. All from different people on different continents. These myths, I have discovered, all have a few variations from one another, but a singular thread runs between them all. The exception to this observation, annoyingly, comes from the loose coalition of islands south-east of The Cradle. At present, I have half a mind to omit their story and its blasphemies from my research. If not for the similarities between the stories of the Islanders, and the Ghost Nation of Wildland, I would have removed it by now. 

Despite the number of legends about the origins of humanity on Cobalt. Commonalities in legends over great distances in many of the myths are astounding. Take, for instance, the aforementioned Ghost Nation and the Islanders. These two groups live on opposite sides of the world. One group is landlocked, and the other has naval capabilities on par with the Minotaurs of The Isle of Horn. Both of their creation myths focus on a “Creator” sailing in a canoe on the open ocean. Their creator sends something down to the bottom of the sea to pull up the land. The heavy prominence of certain symbolic items also goes also explains the cultural significance of these symbols. Despite the work of the Crypt and the Acquisitions department in general, many unanswered questions still exist.

According to Acquisitions, their first encounter with the Ghost Nation was at a shared audience with the Elven lords of Aquamarine. Their reports all say that the presence of humans already on the island was a rather surprising discovery. The colonisation project had just begun, and our researchers were amongst the first to venture to the new world. To great confusion, humans with lighter skin than those of the Desolation, and darker than the Suomi, greeted our investigators. Acquisitions agents pressed their Elven hosts on where these humans came from. According to the head of the expedition, the Elven delegation replied, “They emerged centuries ago.”

It is my current hypothesis, that the Islanders and the Ghost Nation were the first humans to ever walk the world of Cobalt. I also believe that the humans who lived in the Archipelago before the inquisition shared a connection to the other two tribes. Unfortunately, ruins are poor storytellers, and the two hundred years of oppression by the Isle of the Gods has obliterated anything that could have been learned.

Of course, this is all conjecture, but it makes logical sense… at least to me. Many of the humans I have spoken to and read about from both Suomi, and the Desolation claim to have been created by the gods. I believe that some of the gods found out about humans, and tried to make their own. Unfortunately, I lack irrefutable evidence to support this theory. I feel I have come to a dead-end in my research. With no access to the stories of the pre-God War humans from the Archipelago, I do not see how my path can continue forward, short of speaking directly with one of the gods.

–Pog Quillsharpener: Historical researcher of the Obsidian Crypt

-998 AGW, Age of Expansion  

The official story will continue, January 2nd 2020.

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Written by: Sweeney

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